Wednesday, November 14, 2007


geez. this guy actually has me not just excited about the upcoming election (well the fact that we are getting someone out of office ALONE also has me excited), but inspired about the potential change that America can bring (hopefully). the cynic in me says, "how much of it is just charm and good politicking?" but the guy comes across as genuinely honest...not afraid to state what's on his mind (unlike quite a few others in the race who are simply playing the game).

early on in the campaign (Feb 06), i paid to see Obama at a fundraiser in Cincinnati so i could make up my mind amidst all the hype. he was that good. while tired from the initial canvassing of the country, he came off as frank and good-natured. and i like to think i have a pretty good BS meter.
unfortunately, that which makes him so appealing could also be his downfall in the media swirl that has befallen our country.

regardless, i know where i plan to throw my weight this election season.
hopefully this year my vote will actually count/be counted (2000 in the RED state of Alabama/2004 in Ohio, respectively)

thanks to my buddy Surya for pointing this one out.

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