Monday, November 05, 2007

l'amour Nescafé

as seen [previously] on a train in Bangkok. do identify with it? no, (though i do envy the the guy making the "moves" at the bellissimas of the office), my "relations" with Nescafé is far more complex (see below video):

dear Nescafé:
i know i shouldn't. but i must profess my addiction to you. whilst i normally only save coffee for those moments of extreme fatigue, since moving to Singapore, i find you free and easy to indulge in at the office. and so delicious. it's like someone took the best of toffee and chocolate and pounded it into the powdry goodness that is found within each slender, rogue packaging. so easily poured in my cup. so delightfully savored in my heart.

you have become a fundamental part of my afternoon, nay my existence in Asia, and i don't know what i would do if you were taken away from me (or if the company stopped fueling us with free caffeine). neither Lipton nor Coke Lite can sate my desire for your taste. sure, i have my infidelities from time to time (iced Green Tea DOES sate my other desires out of the office), but nothing gives me the satisfaction that you give me day in and day out.

i know you are available in the US. but it will not be the same. for our love is something so pure to the isle of Singapura, that having you elsewhere would be a disservice to the memories of our time together (that I will cherish forever). but let us not get to far ahead of ourselves, let us savor each and every moment together, as if it were our last.

ah l'amour...

and, NO, this java-laden ode was not inspired by Sara, this fire has been burning in my heart (belly/throat...acid reflux kicking in, ew) for far too long (or at least the ~8 weeks i have been here to date).

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