Monday, November 26, 2007

why facebook rocks/sucks.

let's first start with some humorous context [from geekandpoke]:so while reading the morning assortment of interactive/digital marketing newsletters + blogs, i stumbled into quite a bit of negative fanfare for Facebook's latest moves in the marketplace. the above cartoon, while in context, is just scratching the surface though, the rabbithole goes much, much deeper.

Jason Calcanis is a very prominent blogger on the fringes of the same field i'm in (he founded Weblogs inc, later selling it to AOL for a large sum of $, and continues to innovate in the valley w/ VC firms + his own startups. i've seen him speak a few times, and actually sat across the table from him at a conference. say what you will about him, but he says what he means, and he means what he says. a pretty straightforward guy with alot of opinions (making posts to his blog at a pace often faster than i can read them),

anywho, after the long-winded intro, i'll get to my point - i think he totally hit the nail on the head with this commentary on Facebook's latest privacy practices (the sale and retention of consumer data, in a less than nice way), summarized in a manner far more enticing manner than i could (best of all, he uses Guitar Hero to make his point). Calcanis 1, Facebook 0.

[Bali + Borneo updates are coming soon, i promise!]

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