Friday, November 16, 2007

reading (& writing?) is for suckers. but TV sure is awesome.

john k viacom the 3rd. john oliver is brilliant (even though i'm convinced his accent is fake).

...and yes, i know these random video posts are not why you're reading my blog of life in asia, so i'll bring it home for you (literally):
at my apartment we have a really nice plasma-screen TV. but we hardly ever watch it. instead, we spend our time, on the couch or dining table, hunched over a laptop watching grainy streaming video of american TV, thanks to slingbox (we can login to kat's brothers TiVo back home in the US). and we're often watching the daily show when we stay in + cook dinner. this has all gone to crap given the recent writers strike. and while i side w/ the writers here, i wish the networks would hurry up and given the writers their due, so kat and i can get back to watching American TV out here.

i'm now going home to catch a cab to the airport. next stop, Bali (Indonesia)*.

*where we hopefully won't be kidnapped and held for ransom. we're hoping that our ethnicities will guard us from any rampant anti-Americanism (after all we have a Singapore patch on our backpack)

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