Sunday, March 02, 2008

chick magnets RULE* the cinci iditaord.

this past Saturday was the Cincinnati Urban Iditarod. you heard that right. but unlike the Alaskan dogsled race of the same name, there were themed shopping carts instead of sleds, and people tied to said carts instead of mush dogs.

some buddies (Jason, Zilch, Becker, Chris + Denis) mushed their way to *2nd place as "the Chick Magnets" on their 5 mile romp thru downtown Cincinnati + northern Kentucky. i chased along in my bike (which was sabotaged early on),
took pictures, and stopped traffic. Kat + my boss/pal Mandy (not to be confused w/ my sister of the same name) also ran in a pirate-themed cart helmed by rad chick Aruna.

check it out - we even got some local news coverage.

overall, the event was a LOT of fun to partake in (however remotely). tip of the hat to the fountain square group for reapplying a GREAT urban concept. wag of the finger to the same group for not publicizing it enough. hardly anyone i knew had heard about the event. with the right grassroots marketing, the city could EASILY get 100+ teams running around town in funny costumes pushing shopping carts...

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