Monday, March 31, 2008

weekend update.

so usually i relish in a weekend where i do all of nothing.

this past weekend was quite different. i did alot of stuff, which didn't really amount to much personal gain.

some would argue that this was not productive, but rather, simply busy. i beg to differ. while it did not all ladder up to any personal goals, i got a lot done, and myself, and many others benefited (which in turn, makes me happy). so here's the rundown:

  • "work."
  • sang "Funky Comadina" (karaoke) at a work happy hour (built up credibility with brand team).
  • made a healthy salad for dinner.
  • read Jim Lee's 1996 remake of the Fantastic Four - "the world's greatest comics magazine."
  • played Rockband at Bridge's Rockathon (sang Boston's "More than a Feeling", drummed. "Celebrity Skin", and "Sabotage" and rocked out on various guitar solos).
  • went to a friend's birthday party.
  • drank.
  • made fun of people.
  • talked career options w/ a coworker.
  • facilitated "making friends" amongst two mutual friends (you know who you are).

  • took care of Condo Association financials (since i'm now the official Treasurer) w/ el new Presidente.
  • stopped by the local library + stocked up on comics.
  • convinced some neighborhood kids about why Batman could TOTALLY take Spider-man in a fight
  • walked up through the park for lunch - took lots of cool pictures (to be shared).
  • ate Sardines for the first time.
  • watched the latest disc of Avatar: the Last Airbender (quite possibly the coolest cartoon out there).
  • ran by the comics store to pick up my monthly fix (Bendis: New/Mighty Avengers AND Spider-Man!).
  • helped a buddy (who i admire) figure out his future career ("Cinema Owner" and/or "Savior of Democracy" beat out "Astronaut", "Dog Whisperer", and "Speling Teecher").
  • met up w/ an old friend at a crowded, noisy, annoying hillbilly bar downtown (but the friend made it worth it).
  • discussed politics w/ old friend's boyfriend (who is also a friend).
  • watched MORE Avatar (seriously, you need to be watching this show).

  • slept in.
  • made a late brunch w/ girlfriend (pictured above).
  • read comics.
  • watched more Avatar.
  • paid tribute to my neighborhood Kroger (Kro-ghetto).
  • made dinner for family and friends.
  • ideated on the Week In Review 1-year anniversary bash (coming soon to a bar near you!)
  • played Guitar Hero w/ roommate.
  • HAD dinner w/ family and friends.
  • helped my sister make a PowerPoint.
  • read more comics.
  • started flossing again.
that's all. now if only i can translate this productivity to this week at work. we're off to a slow start...


  1. I think it's clear you've translated this productivity to your working've posted a blog during work hours. Nice.

    It's a nice picture of Kat...I saw "w/ girlfriend (pictured above)" and expected to see her, not a plate of food. Made me laugh.

    Also, perhaps if your buddy had gone with "Speling Teecher" he could have told you that "alot" is actually two words, not one. But we've had this dicussion before :-)

    Enjoy your week!

  2. ahh misplaced modifiers, you will be the death of me.

  3. Anonymous7:57 PM

    That's funny because once I read the mention of the picture I too quickly scanned back to the top thinking I had missed a picture and thought, "hmmm funny Raman is dating bacon and eggs."

  4. mmm. bacon & eggs. or as my college friend hamid puts it, "wakey wakey, eggs and bac-y"


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