Sunday, March 02, 2008

go vote. (+ why Obama is cooler than Hillary).

granted, one should not make political decisions based on the quality/cool-factor of fan-videos, but humor me, and watch the first 2 fan video of Hillary's, then watch the final one for Barrack...

Hillary #1:

Hillary #2:

i mean seriously. this is the kind of "cool" that you think your parents are when you were in junior high. now let's go see the competition...

and yes, i can actually coherently argue why Barrack is a better candidate than Hillary (and REALLY hope he wins this Tuesday), but this was a way more fun[ny] and cool way to do so on my blog, since all i know how to do is post videos [vs typing].

although there is something to say about the power of a person to influence others. and that's what the executive branch is all about, bc it's powers are quite limited. granted, the current administration has overstepped its bounds, but in a not to distant future, let's hope the executive branch roles back some of the liberties (pun intended) that it's taken with our government and actually has to go back to leading and influencing. then at least we'll get some cool videos

...and potentially 1:
convince an opposition party in legislative power to partner to enact game-changing legislation, and/or 2: inspire a national constituency to get off their ass and actually care about government)

and yes, i know that second point is a little too hopefuly. kind of weird coming from a cynic/realist like me. but that's teh power of obamania!

you know who DID endorse Hillary? Tina Fey, and boy is Tina Fey is hot. damn you Tina Fey, for making me question my loyalties...

i'm still voting for Obama.

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