Saturday, March 08, 2008

mother nature takes a white dump.

holy crap! it's the Cincinnati Blizzard of 08!

seen here is my house early Friday evening. the picture doesn't really do it justice, but we're talking the beginnings of what soon became a Level 3 snow emergency (ie, no vehicles are allowed on the road).

Friday night's crazy festivities were cancelled given the guest of honor's cancelled flight, so we stayed in, made dinner, bought plane tickets to NY (and the Daily Show) for Easter weekend, and watched some Naruto.

Saturday's birthday lunch was cancelled, so we stayed in and made omelletes. Saturday night's wedding was also postponed to Sunday, so my sister came over, and we wandered the park and neighborhood with our makeshift sleds from a used old laundry basket, a cookie sheet, and some cardboard boxes. we were like the poor kids on the street (especially given all the punk kids with their pro sleds and snowboards).

walked over to beth's + played with her way to hyperactive dog (Jackson), and then made our way over the wedding venue where we made a snowman (seen here with trademark afro) with the bride and groom to be. before walking through the bad parts of the neighborhood back to my sisters house for dinner. now we're off to Davinder Bergstrom's going away party. all done on foot and mass transit. ain't life grand?

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  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Afro? If anything it looks like a you.


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