Thursday, January 01, 2009

THE last supper.

one of the only things i'm going to miss about Cincinnati (other than my townhome + big TV/couch):
allow me to elaborate.

when i first moved to Cincinnati, i was on the eternal quest to find a "dirty Mexican" restaurant (defined by me via 3 key criteria:
#1: food comes out abnormally fast.
#2: they serve white queso dip (yum!)
#3: you pay up front.

i guess one could say it was my attempt to have a little piece of home (Alabama that is. i'm not Mexican, my sister's childhood claims of my adoption are grossly exaggerated) in my new city.

within a few months, when a few AL friends were visiting, we randomly stumbled upon Fiesta Brava, in Maineville, OH. it soon quickly became a favorite spot to organize mexican food outtings. but the masses revolted and could not stand the 30-minute commute (which i only sometimes drive, and if you know me, you know that in Cincinnati i hate leaving my 5-mile radius). this place was practically in Canada for me.

but my friends still came. i soon began having my birthday dinners there (the only exception being this last year, where i hosted my birthday @ Toylab...we instead went next door to the more local Mexican restaraunt, Los Portales). and when it came time to move to Singapore last fall, i had my "last supper" at Fiesta Brava.

so it was only appropriate that on my last night in Cincinnati, i force some of my closest friends in town to make the pilgramage up to Fiesta Brava one last time (not all are pictured here, as some had to leave early...i'm the guy in the green "sad robot" shirt, as it's been a lethargic last few days wrapping up my life here).

but the cheese dip was still good. AND we got a "week in review" drawing in to boot!

too bad me, nor any of my other AL friends in NY, have yet to find a decent "dirty Mexican" restaraunt in the city.

i love a challenge.


  1. i think the mission should be to rendezvous at as-yet-elusive NY mexican joint so i can draw myself into the pic. you'll be missed, man. not by me. b/c i don't live here any more. but someone will, i'm sure. ha. seriously - best of luck w/ the drive today and the move. you da man.

  2. Anonymous7:31 PM

    there is a pretty good "under the radar", under a building, mexican spot i went to on my transit to manhattan to brooklyn. I'll have to get in contact with my NY friends and figure out that little spot. It was fun/cheap/creepy/dirty/yummy.

  3. thanks for the tip (and FB follow-up). here's what i found:

    but the real question is, do they have the blanco queso dip that i crave?

    it is doubtful, but we'll still be hitting it up this weekend...

  4. go to Mission Burrito in Hoboken. they have burritos that are better than Chipotle, Qdoba, etc.


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