Saturday, January 03, 2009

tweeting the move.

as i was bored silly on my drive to NY yesterday (and apparently trying to kill myself...thank the maker for "rumble strips"...don't try this at home kids), i documented the journey via twitter. here's the transcript, recorded here for posterity's sake:

about to start quite possibly the longest commute of my life.

ich bin hier:

dear zanesville, OH: thank you for letting me use your fine lavatory facilities, for I have a wee bladder.
looks like you will be near Pittsburgh for lunch. Try to find a primanti bros. Anything with fries on it. thanks for the suggestion, but no can do this time. I need to get to my (home) office by 7pm for a key meeting (dinner) just saw painted on the side of a barn (duh) with an eagle. AWESOME. "west virginia, mountain mama, country roads, take me home..." state, please...
11:18 PM (from Miriam): are you driving up through bethlehem? you should stop by!!

11:39 PM (to Miriam): augh! too late! you shoulda called me! (sad)
(i thought i had already passed Bethlehem, PA)

11:47 AM (from Miriam) where are you now? nyack is just a couple of hours down 287-78 from bethlehem, so you should come visit!

did you know @bobbyarnold had his own city?
highschool/college mixtape #4: "the Saturn drive mix"

just passed the halfway i HAVE to go there...
4:06 PM getting closer...
4:46 PM slight detour in Bethlehem, PA, to visit miriam, a highschool friend who saw my travels 6:46 PM new jersey7:02 PM aaaaannnd we're done.

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