Tuesday, January 06, 2009

sanjay gupta = surgeon general?

my sis (the doctor) just sent me this. definitely one of those WTF/really?/cool moments.

think about it. other than being a hip, young (39), PRACTICING doctor who as a correspondent for CNN, is critical of the national AND world health situation. and i'm sure my mom respects the fact that he's brown.

plus, he's been parodied by the Daily Show already (the lead girl in the opening of this video is apparently my buddy Rajiv's fellow newscaster on the side)

now, if only Barry would nominate
Fareed Zakaria to some prominent post in his administration, i could resign myself to happiness (no idea, who i'm talking about, you clearly don't watch enough Daily Show...but i forgive you, just read this article or book...you might actually learn something).


  1. okay, this is why his nomination is NOT cool.
    he is a practicing NEUROSURGEON.
    he is not a PRIMARY CARE doctor and has no clue what happens in a outpatient primary care setting because he has never had to deal with poor patients that can't afford health care and who only get 15 medicaid rides to the doctor's office and then what?
    he only deals with patients that have specific brain disorders that he CUTS out and then leaves for the social workers and the patient's families to deal with.
    UGH, what a bunch of crap.
    that, and tom daschle, head of HHS, NOT A DOCTOR.
    Freaking obama, making a bad decision on a CNN celebrity.
    Should pick howard dean, a practicing FAMILY DOCTOR.

  2. so mandi agrees with the pick, then?

  3. i guess that about sums it up.
    if you'd like to hear more on the issue, you know where to find me...in my office seeing patients.


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