Monday, January 19, 2009

special MLK/inauguration issue.

now on this ever (un) productive MLK, as i reflect on what the day actually means to ALL of us Americans, i can assuredly tell you that i'm as excited as the NEXT guy about this Tuesday. but for me it's more about the candidate, NOT "the fact" that he's our first black president ("history").
let's talk about that a bit more. i'll have you know, that my good friend Barry is NOT the first black guy the American people have accepted as their president.

yea, yea. i know what you're thinking, "Raman, quit being like everyone else and saying that President David Palmer (played by Dennis Haybert in 2001's premiere season of 24) paved the way in pop culture for America to accept the IDEA of a black president."

i'm not going to go there. in fact, i'm really not a fan of 24 (moreso bc i USED to be, until i realised the plots were contrived, and recycled. sadly, it took me FOUR SEASONS to get there, but that's another post. ).

in truth, probably the most distinguished black President we ever had was President Tom Beck, played by Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact (1998):

...his voice still gives me [reassuring and comfortable] chills, whether it's biding his time in jail or following a bunch of penguins around.

but how can we EVER ignore the sheer presence of President [of the United Federated Territories] Lindberg, played by Tommy "Tiny" Lister in Luc Besson's amazing the 5th element (1997):
... and yes, that's "Debo" (a character he later played in the the 2000 cult hit "Friday")

and finally, for the sake of ABSOLUTE completion, let's not forget President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, played by
former NFL linebacker Terry Crews in Idiocracy (2006):

though despite all of the above distinguished gentleman's country/world/universe saving, none of those who came before to portrayed the Commander-in-Chief could do the ONE THING that has captured the heart & minds of all of us at

a team-up with his childhood buddy, the Amazing Spider-Man!
(you knew i was going to have to mention it here eventually)

now let's hope that the real thing is even better than it is in fiction. i've got my fingers crossed (but am pretty sure i don't have to)...


  1. Personally I'm a fan of "all of us at" and the Obama-Spidey fist bump.

  2. we're all working tirelessly here at to bring you the latest stuff you probably shouldn't be reading...


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