Thursday, December 04, 2008

antarctica. documented.

if you see only one thing, it should be the above video, created by a professional photographer on our trip, who mounted his camera to the ship's bow had it take a photo every 15 seconds. the finished product is, brilliant, especially as you see us coming through the ice (look for the ship-sized iceberg that passes us when the camera is trained on the ship's stern). make sure you have your volume turned way up.

so after about a week of downtime (turkey, family, work), i've sorted through some 5000+ pictures from my recent trip to Antarctica/Argentina, and included the ones from Antarctica below. click the mosaic above to see the entire collection of albums i took while there (though in all honesty, the photos do not do the trip justice). if you're more interested in specific elements of the trip, here are the breakdowns by day/album: MOST of these pictures are also posted to my Facebook photos (where there is a bit more color commentary, on the part of me, and several of the friends made while on the trip as well). up next: Argentina.


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