Wednesday, December 31, 2008

last supper.

so before i leave, i'm having some friends together for dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant up north (in the annual tradition of my birthday...which i count as my personal new years).

as seen above, i doctored up a quick pic for the invite (click image to zoom). when shared, my favorite Catholic sent me a note finding it "terrible." which got me thinking...what make's it so terrible?

if i had changed out everyone's else's face (to that of my friends attending the dinner), would that have been better?

if i had simply drawn my own cartoon version of this (subbing in myself and/or my friends), would that have been better (since it would simply be a "cover")?

fortunately, this wasn't an Islamic image i Photoshopped, otherwise my fate would be worse than the guilt from creating (and since posting) the image.

i clearly have too much free time in this big, empty house.

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