Wednesday, December 10, 2008

desk architecture RETURNS!

for a limited time only (as i was populating my replacement's desk):

(no idea what this is all about? click here)
it is highly unlikely this tradition shall be continuing in the new year (esp since i'll be working remotely), but you never know. i might start going crazy sitting around a "home office" too much...

and just for continued holiday sh*ts & giggles:

why does Luke "i-can-fly-an-xWing-and-blow-up-the-Death-Star-like-i-was-shootin-Womp-Rats-coming-back-from-Toshi-station" Skywalker NEED A MOTORCYCLE?!?
...tho adding R2D2 to the back was a NICE touch.

use the force.


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  2. a) Who is edna?

    b) that's my desk!!!


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