Monday, December 29, 2008

my life [in boxes].

so the day is finally here.

after about a month of sorting through EVERYTHING i've ever owned, it's all been sorted, organized, and packed away (well, what i didn't give away or sell...hope you like the TV/couches Jason). a cathartic experience, for sure, and yet i feel i still have too much (we all do, seriously).

i'm NOT getting rid of all my comics though (thanks for the bike Karl!)

everything seen (save the Christmas tree above + futon mattress on the floor i'm sleeping on) is going straight into a storage unit. hopefully by the time we move (6 months) closer to the city, and everything is taken out of storage, i'll have discovered how little i REALLY need (the essentials are being taken in my car when i drive out to NY after new years).

das ist alles (literally).

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