Wednesday, March 10, 2010

clobberin' time.

other than an excuse to share one of the funnier interweb juxtapositions, this premise allows me to share with you, the loyal RamanCoke reader, what has quite possibly become one of my favorite art/literary sites (and one of the funniest titles). what's the deal?

"This website, now in its tenth incarnation since being launched in 06.1998, is an extension of a personal art collection of various [mostly comic book] artists interpreting their favourite literary figure/author/character that has been accumulated since 03.1998."

...whether it's the late Mike Weiringo sketching Harry Potter or Don Quixote, Mike Mignola's Dracula, Jeff Parker's Rudyard Kipling, Stuart Immonen's Mordecai Richler, Phil Hester's Yossarian (or Keith Giffen's), Gene Ha's Little Prince, Matthew Clark's Anthony Bourdain, Andy Helm's James Bond, Dr.Seuss, Rags Morales' Tarzan, or Josh Middleton's Hitchcock - you will be thoroughly impressed.

and if you're not, you're an uncultured dolt. and if you are impressed, and STILL happen to be an uncultured dolt (like me), handy links are at the bottom of each drawRing to learn more about the artist and/or literary figure featured.

pretty neat. wish i had thought of it way back when. but in the late 90s i was too busy listening to Pinkerton, pining futilely, writing underground missives, and using Napster.

sadly, the site does NOT feed the images directly into my RSS (to the relief of all my "share" friends on Google Reader), so i'm constantly have to click over.
UPDATE (13-Mar): i had emailed the site's purveyor about the RSS feed issue, and he just fixed it! how awesome is that?!? so now you have no excuse. subscribe, and start feel more cultured!


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