Monday, March 08, 2010

this month's random photo-blog.

it's that time of the month again:

no, not THAT time (though it should always be time for Ultra-man). i'm talking about the OTHER time. where i post all the random things i've been collecting off the interwebs (and real life). so
let's start things out with a... ears are still ringing from what is probably the best use of word onomatopoeia i've seen (heard?) in awhile. unlike this beauty:

...which is apparently little known Riverdale resident Virginia Cleary, who's "so sexy that her walk is always accompanied by the sounds of Frosty the Snowman." you can't make this stuff up people.

speaking of Frosty. since the cold weather is quickly fleeting, i must share our newest (though recently melted) Tarrytown neighbor, the SNOW BEAR:

while we're in the spirit of holiday-past, here's a little Russian Santa propaganda for ya:

as for a final remembrance of holiday's past, some superhero (and villain) status-update
new year's resolutions:

let's continue with the yuks more intelligently (at least for those of you that read the funny-books like i). below is a compilation of the "Super Emo Friends" - click below to see some GREAT one-liners that pretty much sum up the inherent-relevant tragedy of thtimeless characters:

all of this has left me a BIT. emotional, as if i should be asking myself the bigger questions:

...that's right. i live in NY. where pants are now considered optional commuter/business attire

OR if you're a billionaire (substance-abusing) industrialist, you could wear this guy's suit to work everyday:

that's right, only $60 for a technologically enhanced suit of armor (Repulsor Rays, and it can fly!) in actuality, the $60 was for an original print i bought for my buddy Karl, who's quite the Iron Man fan, and has quite a few empty walls i'm trying to help populate. hey, not to brag, but the last time i spent $60 on something black & white, i also posted about it. i'm going to get all the mileage out if i can!

by now it's apparently clear that we've devolved into the random comic-book art section of the bloog. didn't think it would come this fast, did you?


(actually, only Michelangelo ever said that. this one's Donatello, the brainy one).

a comic artist's i've become quite a fan of (via his blog) is Chris Samnee. here are a few intereing b&w compositions of his i found pretty-the-awesome (of Ronin and Havok, respectively):

however, who these two are, i have no idea. i just found them cute (who knew papercrafts could be so much fun):

while we're being all artistic. the niche PhotoShop users in my fanbase will appreciate the following real-life depiction of the primary tool-of-their-trade:

who knew a comics could be so socially prescient (this panel from Marvel's Captain America was actually poking fun at the Tea Party movement)?

no Mom, we haven't gone ring-shopping (yet). i just find the above Green-Lantern inspired power rings (from the emotional spectrum, no-less) pretty-the-awesome. in fact, i've already got one. can you guess which (hint: it's not green)?

alright. on that note. it's probably best if we STOP.
collaborate and listen:

that's all folks! goodnite!

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  1. LOVE the Photoshop setup.

    MISS personal blogging. Glad you're back on a more regular basis.


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