Monday, March 22, 2010

thanks for bomb?!?

today it's morning in America. and i got 2 things in my inbox to greet me as i wiped the sleepyness from my eyes.

first, a sincere thank you from our friend Barry (awww):

and then, this:

...and of course i just HAD to click the link to see what this "money bomb" was all about:
ok, so irregardless of my own political sensibilities, i find it offensive to see the latter communications going out on behalf of one of America's (once) great political parties (you can't make this stuff up, despite my screenshot for history's sake, go see it for a limited time only at

it's sensationalist, jingoist, propaganda-filled fear-mongering. do i have a problem with them wanting power back? no, not really, that's their constitutionally-protected right. but i do expect them to act in a civil manner that won't incite the worst in some of our fellow countrymen (that's the job of the pundits + the respective-leaning media, NOT THE PARTY ITSELF).

seriously, i thought we were all grown-ups here. is this what it's coming to (i only shudder to wait for the other party's inevitable descent into this madness). when did we as a country slide so deep into this much blatant BS (and when will 1/2 of America start seeing these officially-sponsored ads on Fox News and other network affiliates...after American Idol, of course)?!?


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