Friday, March 12, 2010

where's my jetpack?

a few years ago i bought my first (of many) shirt from

i loved the premise about the future. it's 20-freaking-10. despite my becoming an adult over the past decade, my comic-fueled nostalgia has often had me asking the question, in the second line of the shirt - "where's my jetpack (or hoverboard/flying car)? aren't we supposed to be in the future, or does it continue to elude us?

well friends, that day is over. our kids will no longer only dare to dream to be like Boba Fett/Buck Rogers/James Bond (Thunderball). thanks to the fine folks over at Martin Aircraft, they can have their own jetpack:

you can read more on the jetpack here (i really hope this isn't the ramp up to an April Fool's joke). while it's affordably priced at a mere $86k, the more frugal-minded should not worry. they'll probably be able rent one on their next tourist destination, much like the many currently-operating Segway city tours.

you heard it hear first, kids.the future is NOW.*

*(well, in a few more months/years for this to make it to the mass market)

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