Saturday, March 13, 2010

t-shirt quilt!

if anyone ever questions my girlfriend's pure the-awesomeness, i will just show them my belated xmas present: 
(click to enlarge)

that's right, i finally got my t-shirt quilt made! to ensure the quilt came out just right (the right mix of colors, shirt-types, etc), i put together the below draft layout. the result? a tactile, practical re-application of ~15 years of worn-memories...from 53 (now-unworn*, but still-cherished) t-shirts from bands seen, events held, and other assorted randomness (10 which i had originally designed in my creative quest to influence my peer's wardrobes and get free shirts as a youth).

so next time you stay over, you know what will be keeping you warm on the couch. and if you want your own, i'd highly recommend (as neither of us are taking up quilting anytime soon). though be warned, it was not an easy (nor cheap) undertaking. i'll probably wind up making another quilt (or two) 15 years from now (no thanks to Threadless and TeeFury). but for now, i'm a happy (and couch-warm) camper. 

*(maybe i can use it as a cape?) 

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