Friday, April 25, 2008

an alternative to good.

hi welcome to YET another installment of "Raman posts random videos with minimal nonsensical value" (though using big, oft-overlooked words like "nonsensical" must count for SOMETHING?)

today's feature comes once again from my pal Megan (i wish Google Images turned up something better + humiliating to link her name to) - a trip down college memory lane + the brilliant animated series from 1999-2004, Home Movies (a show about some kids constantly making, well, home movies). i give you, "the Jazz Fight":

what i loved about this series (+ most animated series that don't involve Batman and/or the Justice League), is that the comedy operates on multiple levels - for children and adults. to be clear, Batman and/or the Justice League also cater to older audiences, but in the vein of childlike wonder from super-heroic fun that is, well superheroes. some of these storylines/arcs are quite complex. but something like Home Movies operates on multiple levels of humor, which is is often a more complex dynamic to appeal to two distinct audiences (compared to action/adventure).

here's another personal favorite from
Home Movies. i give you, "Don't Kill Children":

the animation of the show takes some getting used to, but go rent/checkout/illegally download/buy the first disc of Home Movies Season 1. you can watch it with your kids (they might get smarter). trust me, you will not be disappointed. after all, it's "alternative."

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