Saturday, April 26, 2008

the YEAR is what happens.

just got back from the 1 year anniversary of "Week in Review Cincinnati", where instead of drawing on a wimpy 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper, we broke out the BIG sheet (more like a 3' x 3' matte):
more pictures from the event can be found here.

so what exactly is this Week In Review thing i'm always referencing? i'm glad you asked. here's a little blurb from a pseudo press release on "WIR" i recently had to write up:
every Thursday, a group of friends gets together from 7-9pm at a different Cincinnati bar + draws the news (on a 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper which is later posted online). we each bring different news stories (anything published in the news from the past 7 days is fair game - it can be local, political, entertainment, sports, random, etc), and everyone has to contribute at least one drawing (does not have to be too accurate, most of ours our abstract doodles/cartoons). when in doubt (or we run out of time, or room on the page), we come up with clever headlines for the remaining stories. after the event, we scan the drawing + it is posted to, as well as to our Facebook group.

on the official website, you can see drawings from similar groups from the 4 different locations (Cincinnati, LA, Brussels, + even the now defunct one i started in Singapore). it's always interesting to see which news stories "make the cut" from around the world every week. the original concept started in LA several years ago, and has spread to the other cities by friends moving around. girl in LA (Estelle) had a friend who moved to Brussels, my roommate Jason (CC'ed) moved to Brussels for his job w/ GE, who then brought it back to Cincinnati, and i later moved to Singapore for work w/ P&G where i started a group w/ some local coworkers and friends). we've even got some local NPR coverage in Cincinnati

friday (4/25 - today!) was our 1 year anniversary ("the YEAR in Review") + we threw ourselves a party downtown, drawing on the BIG sheet of paper from 7-10pm. the only requirement was to bring a noteoworthy news story from the past 52 weeks and being prepared to draw it.
by far one of the cooler things i've done with my time in Cincinnati. the news is what happens, indeed.

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