Saturday, April 26, 2008

live from new york...

well, actually, more like New Jersey (just short of the George Washington Bridge). we spent the better part of the day on the road between Ohio and New York. 675 miles (most of which was Pennsylvania), and 8 Cracker Barrels later (marked on the now keepsake map) and we had arrived at Kat's new place of [temporary] residence. for all the times i've been out this way, nothing says surreal like 11 hours on the road to wind up in a sleepy rich town. here are a few pictures from the road...

random (but cute) bear statue from a PA rest stop:

nothing cures an exhausted, soon-to-be-remiss heart like authentic New Jersey style Mexican food (but who charges $1.50 for lettuce for the fajitas?):

that's about all for now. i didn't bring my SLR, so have no fear, there shall be no barrage of pictures from this short trip (though i am behind on several events worth of photos, something that should be rectified when i return home + find myself with far too much free time now that my S.O. is living 2 states over).

leaving on a jet-plane tomorrow.

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