Sunday, April 13, 2008

it's 1:41am CST: why RSS is a dangerous pasttime.

say what you will about the efficiencies of RSS, but i am losing far too much time tonight (still at home in sweet home AL) getting caught up on a handful of my feeds whose unread #'s have been creeping towards triple digits as of late. but enough is enough. i am making progress (though this will sadly show you what a nerd i am, but i figured i would NOT share any political, marketing, or technical views this time around). muchas credit to my newfound (but mostly unread) passion of GeekandNerd and English Russia for many of these gems.

HERE ARE SOME OF THE HIGHLIGHTS (we'll start on a down-note, and slowly work our way back up):

#1: quite possibly the saddest Calvin & Hobbes strip ever made (thought not sure if it's real). a little piece of me died when i read this (apologies for the small size, it was all that was posted):

#2: sigh, sad but true. but our friend at indexed sure tend to make a whole lot of sense. it's no wonder they continue to garner nomination and/or accolades by Time + the Webbies alike:

#3: not really quite sure what this one means.
but it's Russian, and makes for a good transition piece on our way back out of this dismal whole we've dug ourselves:

#4: who knew Link was originally meant to be such the badass (and pimp),
VS the pixelated pansy he became in the original Zelda game (which evolved to the awesome cartoon semi-RPG we all know + love today)? check these pics from original artist Katsuya Terada ran in Nintendo Power back in the 80's of his character sketches for the vision of the Legend of Zelda:

#5: this takes the idea of hybrids to another level.
and yes, that is gasoline they are powering these PCs with (again, only in Russia). and what are they using all those petrol-powered PCs (gotta love alliteration) for in the former Soviet bloc? well to monitor engine performance on cars of course...

#6: a bit of a cheat (or is it really a bait & switch)? especially since i read this one before leaving OH Thursday night in the actual comic, but i came across a great scan of the big reveal [ to enlarge + see] from the final page of the first issue of the much anticipated + ballyhooed (i've always wanted a good excuse to use that word) Marvel/Bendis masterwork...Secret Invasion (lame title, killer concept). regardless, my jaw dropped and i too could only but say, "Sweet Christmas!":

#7: Fozzybacca: the sweet, sweet lovechild of George Lucas, Jim Henson (RIP), and our friends at Mattel. while this does not come out until july, i already have dropped a strong hint of what the perfect gift is for the guy who goes ahead + usually buys whatever it is he already wants...but if you got it for him he would proudly display on his desk (here's a hint, we're talking about me):

and finally, we end on a highnote...

#8: who knew there was a typography/video movement on the web? here's an illustration of what i'm talking about. while not as thrilling as some of the film dialogues, this is one of my favorite Weezer songs (though incomplete below), and quite a bit of a pick me up:

and that's it for now. after getting a quick peek into my brain, it's probably amazing to you that i have the ability to attract the opposite sex. there are still about 362 posts to read (damn you [fake] Steve Jobs!), but i'll probably just get thru the remaining "fun" blogposts(123), and skip over the ones i've tagged "marketing" (after all, it's the weekend).

good night, and good luck.


  1. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Have you seen the daft hands above?

    Or (not as classic) the kanye hands?

    I had to watch this one all the way through again.

  2. Anonymous11:16 PM

    I now know that your generous use of the "share" icon in Google Reader is the reason mine has become increasingly difficult to clear out. All good stuff, no doubt, but some days I think I'll never finish reading everything. And then I wonder why I never have time to read actual books.

  3. yea. much of my RSS consumption is done in "binge reading" - but i really DO love the "share" portion of google reader ...great way that Google integrates g-chat/g-reader.

    and yep, i too often feel that i will never get caught up. there are only so many hours in a day.

    this is another entry in itself.


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