Wednesday, April 23, 2008

to infinity, and beyond

i had a few mathematical thoughts as i was riding my bike down (literally, i live 2 miles uphill from the office, which makes the trip BACK from work a procrastinator's cop-out dilemma) to work today. this was odd, as usually my best thinking is in the shower (and how the hell are you supposed to capture those ideas down?), but it was probably not meant to be today as the water was that lukewarm temperature that teases you into thinking it just MIGHT go away.

but i digress. back to my mathematical thoughts:

as i was riding downhill, my mind flashed back to a t-shirt (seen above) that i had once wanted (but never bought...not anymore though, i am quite tired of adding new t-shirts to my wardrobe given minimal opportunity to wear + increasing maturity levels), but was sold out before i got the chance to buy (it is now available in "reprint").

it's called "infinity MPG" - which is sort of a neat way of saying, "hey f*ck you
cash-guzzling Shell/ExxonMobile/industrial gas machine, i ride my bike to work". but honestly, the math DOES NOT COMPUTE. sure, i can get infinite miles on my bike, but i use ZERO gallons of gas. and if you recall from math/calc class, anything over zero DOES NOT EXIST. so does that mean my work does not exist (i can only wish)?

then i got to thinking about how much fun of a concept infinity was in school. remember, anything + infinity = infinity. anything X infinity = infinity. infinity, what a boss #. but the more i thought about it, did it have the same effect on division? anything/infinity = infinity? well technically not. because any # divided by infinite does not become a # so vast it's not even worth counting. rather, it becomes infinitesimally small (please curb any "universal comeback" jokes...geez). 1/infinity = really small. 10/infinity = 10 times bigger than previous answer, but still small. 1,000,000/infinity = ok, now this is just getting stupid.

then i almost hit a car as i was heading into the parking garage.

and now i must finish my yogurt and go thru my work email before my day of meetings.


  1. As I'm sure you'd remember from your engineering maths classes (you *do* remember doing engineering, right?), you're talking about limits to deal with answers "as they approach infinity". Anything divided by infinity is zero....except infinity divided by infinity which is annoyingly 'undefined'. What an annoying concept, this 'infinity'.

    In my world, anything divided by zero is a "divide by zero exception" (aka broken program); ten divided by nine is zero; and (2^32)+1 is also zero...I love integer maths.

  2. You've been in Marketing tooooooo long.


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