Tuesday, April 22, 2008

your new bicycle?

i found this amusing. click the image to see what i'm talking about. and then keep clicking.

and just so this is not another post where i place up a random image/video w/ minimal contribution, let me clue you into a little insight from yours truly.

a few months ago, after my first donation to my candidate of choice, i began receiving fairly regular emails from the campaign. as an curious i-marketer, i decided to sign up for emails from each of the 3 remaining candidates, which i immediately began to find VERY interesting, mostly from the differences between each of the email programs.

if you still have not made up your mind, sign yourself up + take a look at the tones each candidate speaks in. while i'm sure most of these emails are not penned by the candidates themselves, some [digital] campaign managers have better captured their candidates voice(s) better than others.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4:44 PM

    For an Obama fan, you're a bit behind the curve on the 'new bicycle' thing. That said, I really like your idea of signing up for all the candidates e-news, both from a voter and a marketer perspective. Maybe I'll wait another day and hope I'll only need to sign up for two.

    And- start using Twitter. Honestly.


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