Monday, April 21, 2008

war. what is it good for?

delicious food, that's what.

i came across the following poignant video while further catching up on my blogs (binge-reading?) - specifically that of one Jason Calcanis - where i came across this gem, which superimposes world food culture onto that of the conflicts that have shaped the past century (call me biased, but my personal favorite is the Cold War):

in case you didn't already figure it out, here's a quick cheat sheet:
  1. The World
  2. WWII (Holocaust / French surrender / London Bombing / Pearl Harbor / Battle of Midway / D-day / fall of Berlin / Hiroshima)
  3. Arab-Israeli War (Brits leave Israel / Israel expands territory)
  4. Korean War (China and Russia back the North / The US back the South)
  5. Cuban Missile Crisis
  6. Viet Nam (China and Russia back the North / The US back the South)
  7. Cold War
  8. Intifada
  9. Gulf War (Iraq invades Kuwait / Scuds / Smart bomb)
  10. 9/11
  11. Afghanistan
  12. Gulf War II (Shock and awe / IED)
  13. Bug Food

and the cast of characters:
  1. Germany: Pretzels, Bratwurst
  2. Israel: Matzah, Bagels
  3. France: Croissants
  4. England: Fish and Chips
  5. United States: Hamburgers, French Fries, Chicken Nuggets, Fried Chicken Sandwich
  6. Japan: Sushi
  7. Russia: Beef Stroganoff
  8. Middle Eastern Nations: Kebabs
  9. North and South Korea: Kimchi
  10. China: Dumplings, Egg Rolls
  11. Cuba Cuban Sandwich
  12. Vietnam: Spring Roll
  13. Lebanon: Falafel

kudos to the creators at Tourist Pictures. absolutely delicious (Vietnamese spring rolls...yum!).

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