Friday, May 16, 2008

comics for people who don't read comics.

thanks to our awesome library, i recently picked up a [comic] book called Scott Pilgrim, and just completed volumes 1, 3, and 4 (seen left, as the library could not get me volume 2 fast enough, and i HAD to read more).

this book is THAT good. and frankly, not even sure if i enjoyed it via any of my sophisticated comic book sensibilities. it was just a fun BOOK to read.

oh, sure there is the drawings on a page (warning, it's in black + white), with the occasional word balloon. but there are no traditional super heroes, man-killing plagues, vampire irish-men (not to be confused with vampirish men), or anything of the like (though there are occasionally ninjas and psychic vegan powers).

so what's the big deal?

it's a character driven story. about a guy. who's 23. in Toronto. in a band. is constantly broke. hanging out. his name also happens to be Scott Pilgrim.

oh, and he meets the girl of his dreams (literally). her name is Ramona Flowers. but to date her must defeat all of her evil ex [boy?]friends in combat. but that only happens once every volume.

he has a gay roommate, who he completely mooches off of. he used to date an asian high school girl named Knives Chau. his band's name is "Sex Bob-omb." there are lots of random "video game in real life" references (powers ups + extra lives)

and yes, there is a manga-cartoony type style to this book. which only makes it cooler and more fun (and i don't even like manga that much).

i really don't know how else to describe this one. it's just pure awesomeness. it's one of those books you pick up and want to own (which can be easily done here). volume 5 does not come out until December, and though i've only recently become a fan, i can't wait. here's how the Washington Post apparantly described it:

"Stitches together indie-rock attitude, video game logic and romantic longing. . . a hilarious, idiosyncratic gem."

if all of this fanboy-gushing were not enough, i'll sweeten the deal. apparantly there's been a movie optioned. the title? Scott Pilgrim VS. the World (that link means it's official, because it's on IMDB). it's coming out in 2009. and you know what else? Michael Cera (Arrested Development, Juno) will be playing the lead role.

and while this is not really a preview for said movie, this was a pretty funny consumer-made ad for Scott Pilgrim i found when obsessing online (will probably not show up in your RSS reader, so you might actually have to click off to my bloog):

want to know more? head over to i guess i should give some mad props to the creator/writer/artist - Brian Lee O'Malley. his personal blog is pretty dope, if you're a fanboy like me. and his wife is apparantly a hot American cartoonist. how cool is this guy?

so there you go. this title [of bookS] DEFINITELY gets the Raman seal of approval (graphical logo-seal pending/forthcoming). still don't believe me? well you can preview the first several pages of each volume here.

what are you waiting for? go read it. now.

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