Monday, May 26, 2008

this was supposed to be the future (part 1)

the other day i was wondering around middle-of-nowhere America (rural-capitalist Ohio), and i noticed the following (seen left).

now i have made this point before, and i am sure it has made its way into a upstart comedian's bit as well, but weren't Dippin Dots supposed to be the ice cream of the future?

something has been commoditized once people start to knock it off with their own [cheap?] imitations (flattery?).
anyhow, i remember the insecure hanging out at the shopping mall (was it Aladdin's Castle or it's competitor Diamond Jim's which in Montgomery, AL, was far mroe innocent than anything i could find in Google) days when you'd see the Dippin Dots booth.

over the years, as i started to care less about my image (thanks Sprite!) and become cooler (though note, correlation is not [necessarily] causation, but maybe in this case it is), i started to see Dippin Dots sold in many a random location (movie theatres, theme parks, etc). and now we find ourselves in the future, and the photo above. now they are commoditized. so i guess we made it.
in closing, i quote one of my favorite tshirts (and we know that i/society have sunk to a new low when we are quoting tshirts to sum up a point):
"they lied to us.
this was supposed to be the future.

where is my jetpack,

where is my robotic companion,

where is my dinner in pill form,

where is my hyrdogen fueld automobile,

where is my nuclear-powered levitating house,

where is my cure for this disease."

the future indeed.

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