Sunday, May 18, 2008

sloth, grogginess, and toys.

what i did this weekend, for those of you that are interested
(and if you are, you really shouldn't be):

Friday - eat overpriced tacos with friends. ride bike back UP the hill. watch TV with roommate. read blogs. post random videos to blog. watch more TV (Lost!). read comics.

Saturday - wake up early. pick up books at library. head to Toylab. make 6 toys (to be featured later, once the pics are posted on their website) for kids + friends alike. start next frame. make a drawing exploring negative space. come home, demolish (eat) the remainders of my chicken parm, get completely caught up on the office (i had stopped watching when i moved to Asia). am still cheering on Jim + Pam, and taking notes for later. finish reading Scott Pilgrim, Vol2 (i am such a fan).

Sunday - sleep in. headache from doing absolutely nothing the night before. make omelette (for which you have to break a couple of eggs, or so they say). run to Toylab. make 6 toys, AND finish frame from Saturday. grocery, gas, home. dinner, daily show. laundry, work on friend birthday present. pack up for the conference in Columbus i'm heading to tomorrow night.

and finally, to give you something fun to watch, here's a really weird video from an even weirder song we've got playing at ToyLab. it's quite catchy, but slightly disturbing (although those kids DO have some fresh moves). and yes, that's Leonard Nimoy.

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