Sunday, May 11, 2008

separation defined. and toys.

Kat was in town this weekend, her first visit back since moving to NY/NJ a few weeks ago. and just a few hours after she's left, it's interesting to note how the feeling of absence is often only best defined in it's contrast to an earlier presence.
but that's about as insightful/melancholic as i'm going to get in this post, late this rainy evening. the above frame is one of my latest creations - pay no mind to the absent-looking photograph within (taken from Cleveland in a summer's past). the frame had been a side project (but could become something more, longer term).

since i can't help but stop talking about my newfound passion of volunteering for Happen, Inc's ToyLab, let me share a few of the more recent toys i've been fortunate enough to be making:

#6257: "Handy Dino Bee Roller," by Kathryn (age 26):
Powers: It runs on eco-friendly hand power. It evades enemies with invisibility and retaliates with a dino-sting.

#6254: "Mrs. Ice", by Elisabeth (age 7):
Powers: She can shoot lava and ice at bad people.

#6253: "Freckleface Strawberry," by Allie (7):
Powers: She shoots strawberries and can flip upside down and jump up in the air.

#6236: "Zappy Zach," by Stella (age 7):
Powers: He has laser beam eyes to help him spy on people.

#6242: "Soaken Rat," by Fletcher (age 5):

Powers: It squirts dough and blows bubblegum.

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