Monday, May 05, 2008

i'm a Marvel, and i'm a DC...

y'know, i thought i'd gotten really sick and tired of all the "i'm a Mac, and i'm a PC" ad spoofs (the originals are still, in my eyes, the continuation of a brilliant advertising campaign, which almost had me buying a Mac Mini last year until i accidentally bought the wrong plane ticket and crashed a Mac in the Mac store, leaving the entire staff in a conundrum, further supporting my theory that i have a mutant power [or emit an electromagnetic field, which i guess, in itself could be misconstrued as a mutant power] that causes electronics and computer equipment to act all wonky)...wait, what was i talking about again?

oh right. i thought i'd really gotten tired of the ad spoofs of the "i'm a Mac, and i'm a PC"...until my buddy Ankur (infamous for his frequent comments, and by "frequent", i mean "never") showed me the latest in a long line of spoofs by a guy with a predilection for action figures*, comic book movies, and making his action figures talk about comic book movies (and to think, that could have just been me).

so, in an effort to keep this here bloog topical to the current events (namely, how awesome of a movie Iron Man was, and my recent post on comic movies):

and if you find that amusing, check out one of the originals, inspired from 2 summer ago's not-nearly-as-awesome comic book movies from "the big 2":

if you are thoroughly amused, the guy has an entire channel of these quick little spoofs. definitely worthwhile if your girlfriend has moved to New York, you've watched EVERY episode of Lost S4, you're frustrated with Super Mario Galaxy, and even getting tired of reading comics. man, that sure would suck. good thing that's not me.

oh wait. it is.

since it is clear i have no life, here's one for the road (since i'm still up "after hours" + watching these):

*to further add to my pathetic sadness, for a short while, i had 2 shelves of action figures, one for Marvel heroes+villains, the other for DC - both poised to do battle with one another. i've since condensed it to one shelf where only the best remain (after all, i'm all about diversity). and to think, i actually know how to talk to girls. well. sort of.

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  1. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Hhahahaha- "I *AM* the night life." Awesome (& blog worthy!).



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