Friday, May 23, 2008

super hero supplies.

a few years ago when i was in New York (10.Sept 2005 to be exact), i made the jaunt into Brooklyn to check out the "Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store" - a similar concept storefront to the "Pirate Supply Store" in San Francisco i had visited several months earlier.

the store - a brainchild of several do-gooding writers - was one of the more unique creative commercial venues i had experienced. naturally, given the subject matter, it was perfectly tailored to fit my eccentric/obsessive geek tastes. given all my time spent at ToyLab lately, my mind has been wandering back to this experience, so i thought i'd share some pics from the B.S.S.S.:

the store, is run by 826NY (a local branch of a broader non-profit 826) - which is headed by writers (founded by Pulitzer-winning author Dave Eggers, etc), "dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write."

basically, it's a front for a creative writing center, which is in the "secret room" in the back. naturally, as you can imagine, any storefront (for pirates OR superheroes) created + designed by super-intelligent literary types is going to be amusing. if you didn't take the time to look at some of these pics, take another look and READ.

to see more insane pictures from my Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store experience, go here. but if you only read one thing here, check out the Vow of Heroism (seen left). and remember, always:
and that's for serious.


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  1. This has to be the best store ever! it's been such a bother getting my superhero supplies, no I can get them in one location! Thanks Raman!


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