Friday, May 09, 2008

is nothing sacred (again)?

ok. i was ready to pack it up + go home for the evening, but then i got 2 emails in my inbox that just really irritated me.

as you know, i'm subscribed (like a good little digital marketer) to the 3 major candidates email marketing programs. despite my voting preference, i read all of the emails, to better understand the content + message each candidate is trying to convey.

so let's see what the campaigns are saying today:

Dear Raman,
You and I both know my mom will make a great president. I'm so blessed to have her as the best mom I could imagine -- at 8, 18, and 28. As we approach Mother's Day, I want to share a few memories of my mom with you.

Take a look.
Thank you again for your support of the person I am so proud to call my mom.

Happy Mother's Day!



Dear Supporter,

Sunday is Mother's Day and in our family, as well as in so many others, it is a day to give thanks to the mothers in our lives. Our family is especially thankful for John's mother, Roberta McCain. At ninety-six years old, she is still as active and delightful as ever and even joins us out on the campaign trail from time to time.

Recently, she and my husband, John, sat down to film an interview about his childhood. From this interview, our campaign has put together a special Mother's Day message from our family to yours. I hope you'll take a minute today to watch it by following this link.

Our family has been blessed with seven wonderful children: Doug, Andrew, Sidney, Meghan, Jack, Jimmy and Bridget. As a mother, I want to see that my children have every opportunity to succeed in life. When my husband, John, approached our family about running for president, I thought about the pros and cons of going back out on the campaign trail.

In the end, I knew that as a mother, I wanted my sons, who are both serving in the military, and my daughters to live in a country led by a president - a commander in chief - with the experience and courage to address the big issues our children will face in the future. I know that person is my husband, John McCain.

It would be such a special Mother's Day gift to me and Roberta to see the man we know and love elected as our next President of the United States. I hope you will take some time today to watch the video message of John and Roberta. After watching the video, I ask that you consider making a campaign contribution of whatever you can to our campaign.

I also hope you will take the time this Sunday (and every day) to show your love and thanks to the mothers in your life. I especially want to send special greetings to all those adoptive parents and foster parents. Thank you for your time; your support is deeply appreciated. Happy Mother's Day!

Yours Sincerely,
Cindy McCain
Cindy McCain

P.S. This Mother's Day, our campaign has recorded a special video message of my husband, John, and his mother, Roberta, from our family to yours. Please follow this link to watch the message, and after watching it, make a campaign contribution of whatever you can give. Your time and support is always appreciated.

Obama for America

Dear Raman,

Join us in Kentucky On Tuesday, Barack won a decisive victory in North Carolina and finished stronger than anyone expected in Indiana.

Right now, you can help carry our momentum forward in Kentucky.

There are only six primaries left, and this is one of the biggest. Here in the Bluegrass State, we can secure some of the final available delegates and move a big step closer to the nomination -- but we need your help.

With only 12 days to go until election day, I hope that you'll join us in Kentucky -- just as so many of you did in North Carolina and Indiana -- and go door-to-door to build our movement here.

We have thousands of potential supporters to reach, and no time to waste, so sign up to come to Kentucky and Get Out The Vote for Barack:

When you come to Kentucky, you'll see that we have a strong base of support here, with 16 Obama offices and hundreds of local volunteers working hard for Barack every day.

But in contests across the country, home-state supporters haven't done it alone -- they've relied on folks like you from nearby states to help them reach the finish line.

We'll need you one more time in Kentucky.

No prior political experience is required -- just a belief in Barack's message of change, and a willingness to spread the word one voter at a time.

Help us win as many votes and delegates as we can -- come Get Out The Vote in Kentucky:

Thank you for all that you've done,


Lauren Kidwell
Kentucky Field Director
Obama for America

P.S. -- Make an even bigger difference by recruiting other supporters to join us in Kentucky, too.

Our team has put together a list of supporters and volunteers who live in states near Kentucky, and you can use our simple online tool to call and encourage them to travel to Kentucky in the final days before May 20th.

Whether or not you can join us in the Bluegrass State yourself, make sure we have the grassroots support we'll need to finish strongly -- call fellow supporters from near Kentucky and recruit them to come Get Out The Vote:

i guess Sasha + Malia (Barack's kids) were too busy in school/playing to write me a personalized email. oh wait. THEY'RE KIDS.

what's even more offensive about the Obama campaign is how could they not even bother to ask me for money in their email, but rather ask me to volunteer my time to connect with other voters. ridiculous.

but seriously, what have we come to? are the campaign mother/daughters really whoring out Mother's Day (even though HallMark would have you believe it is already a whored out holiday)? on the McCain video page, right next to the video with his mom, they're asking you for credit card information!


(i love you mom).

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