Friday, May 23, 2008

more creepy toys [i made]

last weekend @ ToyLab i made like a JILLION toys (more like 11-12, which is a significant order of magnitude less). here are the first 5 or so (since the rest have yet to be posted to the official site...and if you're not reading the captions, you're missing the real fun):

#6281: "Superfastjet," by Luke (age 7):
Powers: It has dragon breath. It glows in the dark and goes superfast.

#6282: "Dinotron" by Will (age 4):
Powers: It drives superfast with dino power and soldier power.

#6284: "Tomato Posse" by Maria (age 26):
Powers: It causes intimidation with food, striking fear.

#6285: "Carpool Mayhem" by Jieun (age 26):
Powers: It is amphibious and ecofriendly with a super kicking attitude.

#6286: "Super Soccer Glow Man" by Dylan (age 7):
Powers: He has love, flying, strong, hopping, kicking, slapping, and glowing powers.

more to come, even though i'm not working at the ToyLab this weekend (the remaining pics from last weekend have yet to be loaded).

and if you're a friend of mine (in or out of Cinci) + you still haven't made a trip to ToyLab to have me make you a toy...then shame on you, you're no friend of mine.

want to see every toy i've made to date? click here. idea what i'm talking about? click here.

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