Friday, May 02, 2008

the uncanny valley

so true, so true.

to be completely honest, though, while this IS a clip from 30 rock, which is one of the few shows i actually watch (when i first saw this, i was all like, "man i need to post that", i credit the original finding /posting of this video to Geekanerd, where it originally showed up in my feeds with much more elaboration .

but seeing as how my adoring masses cannot always see what i'm sharing from my reader, i figured i'd put it here also.

"Suck it, monkey, I’m going corporate!”

[i guess i HAD to pay some tribute to Tina Fey:]


  1. That's great! I've tried to explain the uncanny valley to so many people before, and it never quite made it across. Why oh why didn't I think of Star Wars?!?!

  2. deine mutter is the uncanny valley.


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