Tuesday, May 27, 2008

stop w/ the tshirts already, part 2.

dear hillary:
please stop already. i mean, all of these t-shirt designs suck. is this how you expect to win my [already taken in Ohio] vote?
(click to enlarge)

come on, no self-respecting man would wear a t-shirt with a pant suit on it (although it is quite the clever play on much under-worn tuxedo shirt). my Obama shirt is way (Che?) cooler. i mean, seriously (and i didn't even have to vote on 1 of 5 lame designs):
who does the Clinton campaign think they are this late in the game. do they think that by pulling of a threadless-like campaign they're going to get the super delegates to change their mind? do they think that the DNC is going to now allow Florida + Michigan to vote at the convention in August? all because they allowed consumer generated (and vetted) tshirt? don't they know that only yuppie, hipster, liberal elitists can make cool t-shirts?

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  1. Why are you so obsessed with Hilary? Just curious. I think someone has a crush!!!!!

  2. if i have a [man] crush on anyone, it's my main man barack.

    and the reason i'm picking on hillary is bc i'm picking on everyone. as a digital marketing/media guy (my day job), i've been following all 3 of the presidential front-runners online campaigns very closely. it just happens to be that the clinton campaign's digital strategy is pretty flawed.

    here's a good article on why barack's strategy is ACE:

  3. Oh, you don't have to sell me on the Dems. I am a republican's nightmare: I vote a straight dem ticket, no matter what. I will vote for whoever. I just don't have the energy to follow all of the BS. I find it all very depressing, because at the end of the day, I don't really like any of them. I just dislike one side less than the other. Ha.


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