Tuesday, May 06, 2008

mcnuggets, wha-?

it feels like this here bloog has recently devolved BACK into random video posts. i promise at some point i'll get back to the assorted topics that i have "saved to drafts."

in the meantime i figured i'd share some more digital/viral/marketing videos that were recently shared with me during a co-presentation i did with YouTube (yea, that's what i do for a living...play on the internet. too bad i'd rather be making toys).

apparantly some kids from the Second City improv group in Chicago decided to post a skit of theirs on the interweb, and it's apparently all the rage. see for yourself:

beyond the 1.6MM (we use 2 M's to stand for million at my big corporation...pinky pointed to chin) views this video has racked up, what's more impressive is that the McDonalds embraced this, slapped a few branding elements on it, and made themselves a TV spot on the cheap:

while this is nowhere near as fresh as Dangerous Darrin's punk tracks, it is reminiscent of another famous McSong made popular during my childhood (which, no matter what anyone tells you, i did not memorize and sing at my hometown Diwali talent show. they're all liars. liars, i say):

but alas. my days as a famed McRapper are behind me.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous6:26 PM

    love this. the exact topic was actually a big point of discussion in our little SN immersion. we should talk about this more - how we could take advantage of something similar.


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