Thursday, May 22, 2008

ok go? and more.

am i the only one that missed this one (and i actually am a big fan of the band)?

and just for kicks, here's a really cool image from
Speed Racer seen recently on RadioMaru (blog of my new favorite comic artist/writer):
and what i wish i could do every morning:

oh wait. i don't own a pair of jeans (nor do i want to). never have, never will. well, there was that one time freshman year that the cute local punk chick from the mall convinced me to get a pair, but as all things in youth, it was a mistake. but i digress.

news at eleven (for my friend the F.I.).


  1. Yes, you are the only one who missed it ;) It was on MTV like, a lot. But hey, at least you can see it now.

  2. Anonymous7:35 AM

    She's right. It was on TV a lot and all over the internet. Maybe those of us who wear jeans got the memo...

  3. apparently one of the dudes from the band is married to this girl from my high school.

    And no this isn't the same girl that dated moby... that was someone else.

  4. oh yea? well i used to live w/ a guy (+date a girl) who went to high school w/ lance bass!

    that's all i got. i guess that's a good thing.


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