Wednesday, May 07, 2008

desk creativity.

working at the company that i do, it's not odd to come to someone's desk + find an assortment of products that people work with. coming to my desk, it's not odd to find a few random toys to boot.

since moving back (working in Asia, everyone "hot-desked"...all the way up to our GM, which is a completely different, long overdue entry...which minimized today's topic from ever happening...EVER) part of my everyday routine while plugging in + starting up my laptop is to rearrange the product on my desk in as creative a fashion as possible. a few friends have started to take not of this, commenting on the architectural wonder that has become the corner in which i work.

every day is unique, and while you might feel that you've missed on weeks worth of creative expression, i'll begin posting some of my more...interesting entries (this will thus save me from having to come up w/ something worth writing every day, but still allow you to benefit from my unique form of daily lameness).

a no-prize to the first person who can correctly name all the items shown here. double the prize if you can name the significance/origin of all the items shown here (including those in the background).

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